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  The Easy Kabob maker is for anyone who loves to cook, bake, grill and BBQ. This gadget makes grill outs even easier and a lot more fun. Turns any type of ground meat into the perfect kabob, hotdog, sausage or corn dog in just seconds!

Now you can quickly and easily prepare up to 100 of them fast and easy, without the mess, using this Easy Kabob maker. Simply add ground meat, veggies and your favorite spices inside, insert the bamboo or stainless steel skewers and press the EasyKabob! Its that simple.

Customer Reviews

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Nice idea, but...

After using the Easy Kabob, I find that the design is lacking. For finely ground meats, the piston does not fit the cylinder tightly enough so the meat blows by the piston. If I had designed the item, I would have put the base on the other end such that the meat would exit the output end near the surface the unit is resting on. That way you wouldn't need three hands to pump it and catch the kabob as it came out. Also, clean-up is somewhat a hassle. It's not easy to remove the remaining meat in the unit. I don't know what you can do about that. Another suggestion; you could redesign the outlet so you could use different size outlet tubes for different size kabobs. Have a smaller tube for breakfast sausage too.


Well made, doesn't work

Love this

Can what to get back camping and make kabob


Easy Kabob Maker | EasyKabob

Easy to use

I found the EasyKabob very easing to use and I made some great sausages