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  The Easy Kabob maker is for anyone who loves to cook, bake, grill and BBQ. This gadget makes grill outs even easier and a lot more fun. Turns any type of ground meat into the perfect kabob, hotdog, sausage or corn dog in just seconds!

Now you can quickly and easily prepare up to 100 of them fast and easy, without the mess, using this Easy Kabob maker. Simply add ground meat, veggies and your favorite spices inside, insert the bamboo or stainless steel skewers and press the EasyKabob! It's that simple.

- Flat Kabob Maker Replacement Heads are sold separately. 

- Skewers are sold separately


Caution: While the easykabob is safe for kids use, the skewers are sharp edged and should be treated with caution just like any other sharp object. Not intended for kids use without supervision.

Customer Reviews

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Henry Medina
Didn’t receive Kabob Maker

I ordered kabob maker and skewers. They said they shipped each in their own box. They (Sarah) said I received both shipments but I didn’t. I tried explaining but Sarah said they were both sent and arrived together. I tried to tell her just because both were sent doesn’t mean I received both. I got the 4 skewers in a huge box but no kabob maker. She asked me to ask around my neighbors if they received a box that after after she said I received both. She wants me to take a picture of the boxes I received, well why would I keep the huge box they sent the skewers in, it would be in the way. I decide it’s a waste of my time dealing with Sarah so it’s a $20.00 lost. I will never buy anything from the vendor again and will mention on my meater blog that the vendor is not to be trusted in sending products they sale on-line.

Ed Yee
First time user.

Fun and easy to use. Delivers fantastic kabobs. Great device. Highly recommend.
Ed (New Zealand)

Mark Reany

Love it got one for each of the kid every day I think of something else to make

Easy as

This is probably the best thing we have ever impulse bought. So easy to use.

Lynn Murray
Great tool

Easy to use…Easy to clean…..really enjoy using this Easy kabob maker….recommended this to a neighbour…he bought one too!