3 Pack Heads for Flat Skewers and a Sausage Stuffer

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This product is a combination of 3 replacement head tops for all flat skewers and sausage casings. This product does not include the original and full assembly of the Easy Kabob maker or skewers. The original Easy Kabob maker and skewers are sold separately. Use lean ground meat only for best results (90% lean or higher).

Skewers are sold separately.


  • 1" inch Flat Kabobs work with lean meat only
  • Head 1: For 1" Flat Skewer
  • Head 2: For 0.5" Flat Skewer
  • Head 3: BONUS Sausage Stuffer for casings



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Marinka Macanovic
Good product

Good product, easy to maintain, I would recommend it to have in the kitchen,
Useful for different tasks as well.

Prem thapa
very nice product

excellent and very easy to user, highly recommended, worth trying for accessories as well.


I just love the whole kabob set up! It's a pleasure to get something that works so well and it's such a simple idea. It took me a few goes to get the "knack" (hands like JCB buckets. My best recipe is for Square Sausage (Lorne sausage) flat kebabs! Brilliant! I'd recommend this kit, all of it! Have a go

Sonia Cuda
Amazing product

Amazing product. We use it constantly making many different dish varieties. The wide skewers bring it to another level where it feels I'm having authentic kabob or Adana especially when cooked on charcoal. I also got the Spice and it was amazing as well. Thank you Easy Kabob

Gerri Marchion
I love the idea

I am in the process of getting Divorced. After buying your product, I was told me or my husband are restricted in buying anything, of value. I picked this up because it fascinates me.I wish you could print recipes. I Think forme it would be valuable. So thank you, andI can’t wait to get this out and experiment with