How Easy Kabob is Making Quarantine Fun for Families Stuck at Home

Easy Kabob maker

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has halted the busy lifestyles that many families lead around the world. Instead of school, work, sports, religious activities, and volunteer work, families are working remotely, homeschooling, and spending a lot of quality time together. Now, family meal rates are at an all-time high and more people than ever are getting into the kitchen. Easy Kabob has been a key element in quarantine fun. Here’s how this cooking gadget is being used. 

What is the Easy Kabob? 

The Easy Kabob is a cooking gadget for anyone who loves to grill and cook. It turns any type of ground meat, spices, and vegetables into the perfect kabob, hotdog, sausage, gyro or corn dog in seconds! It’s not only easy (which parents will love), but it’s a homemade way to make a ton of kid-friendly foods. It accommodates anything that you can stick on a skewer, which means it’s sure to be a hit. Whether you make it an activity for everyone to help with or parents use it to speed up the cooking process, it’s benefiting the whole household. Below are some family favorites, but beware, it’s only the tip of the iceberg! 

Breakfast sausages

Your kids no longer have to run out the door in the morning. No! The whole family is home if you’re not an essential worker. You’re working remotely and your kids are homeschooling. This means you can get a little bit more elaborate with breakfast if you so choose (or if everyone is a bit sick of cereal and toaster waffles). Your kids can even help insert the meat into the Easy Kabob Maker on a particularly productive morning. Surely this counts as home economics class, right? 

Hotdogs or corn dogs 

As you make your homemade, healthy hotdogs or corn dogs you can sing a round of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Everyone is missing sports right now, but this meal can give you a nice reminder of what it’ll feel like to sit in those stands again. After you’re finished, head out back together and throw around a baseball, a football, a frisbee – anything to get out and active! If you have a park nearby, you can even social distance there while playing your own family game of pickup. 


Okay, you knew this one was coming! It’s the namesake of the Easy Kabob after all. Kabobs are such a fun summer food, and with temperature warming up, everyone deserves a little bit of sunshine right now. There’s something festive about eating pieces of meat, fish or roasted vegetables right off of a stick. No utensils needed! The kids will love this too. Eating with your hands makes everything a little bit more fun.  

Cheesy kabob burger

Now we’re getting creative. The truth is that you can make just about anything you want with your Easy Kabob. And that’s a good thing because quarantine can be pretty boring if every day looks the same, and one of the best ways to vary it is with the food that you eat. The cheesy kabob burger dog marries two of your favorite foods and is a delicious way to change up family lunch or dinner. 

Pasta with beef kebabs

Have a pasta lover in your household? There’s normally at least one! This recipe is for them. The Easy Kabob website has the perfect recipe for you to serve up a tasty plate for spaghetti with seasoned beef kebabs. The best part? It’s a delicious meal, but it doesn’t take a lot of preparation work. That’s one of the Easy Kabob’s best elements. It’s an easy cooking gadget that truly cuts down on prep time. All you have to do is insert the meat, put a skewer in, and squeeze. You’ll be amazed that it’s really that easy every single time. 

Final thoughts 

Social distancing may feel like the end of the world right now. Your family is stuck at home, everyone is bored, and you may even have some bigger worries that you’re struggling with. Despite that, you’re trying to pull through and make this a stable time for your kids. Meals are one of the ways that they can sense normalcy in the household. Eating together brings everyone back together. One day, they’ll remember this time as a moment that you spent months together bonding, not a pandemic they were quarantining during.  

The Easy Kabob can help make those meals a reality. Visit here for more information and recipe options. Easy Kabob Recipes page




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